About The Seam

The Seam is a leading provider of innovative agritech software and commodity trading solutions for agribusinesses around the world.

The Seam has a successful history of innovation. In 2000, the company began operating the world’s first online, neutral trading exchange for cotton, on which tens of millions of bales have been traded and cleared on its platforms. In 2016, The Seam launched a cloud-based commodity management system for the peanut industry, the first of its kind. As a proven leader in the agritech space, The Seam has cleared or processed more than $8 billion through its platforms.

The Seam continues to evolve, as technology increasingly becomes a vital part of its business strategy. To truly be successful in software, you have to understand the business challenges through close collaboration, and that is a core value of The Seam.

Just as businesses rely on instant, meaningful data for making sound decisions, so do farmers. The Seam’s technology provides the insights needed to quickly adjust practices in real-time in order to increase efficiency and value, thereby saving time and money.

The Seam is dedicated to pushing the company another step toward its mission of investing in the industry, providing modernization to agriculture and being a truly collaborative partner to its customers.

We are honored to work with a team of motivated, driven individuals, who work every day to move the agribusiness industry forward.